Main Body


  1. Go to Pages, Tree, Events, Add New.
  2. Give it a unique title, like "November 2021 Board Meeting".
  3. On the next screen, enter the date (required), time and files (optional).
  4. Insert Venue. Type the first few letters of the venue name, and it will be selected if you have already added it. If not, click New and enter the address information. Click Save to respond to the event.
  5. Enter Note Field Description if desired. This could be something like "List attendee names".
  6. Check the Online Registration box if desired. Click Add New, and enter at least one ticket type.

    Enter a name and amount (can be 0 if the event is free).
  7. Enter the "Custom thank you message" if desired. This will be displayed and emailed to registrants, so it can be used to send Zoom links and similar information.
  8. Click the green Publish or Save button. The list of events will display on the front end under /events/ unless you have moved the Events section elsewhere.
  9. Users will be able to click on the event name, see details, and click the Register Online button.
  10. You may view and download event registrations with the Event Registrations report.