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How can I receive my CHCS Gmail on my iPhone or iPad, Android phone or tablet, Blackberry, Treo, PDA or other mobile device?

Detailed instructions are available at the Google Apps Help Center. Click on the appropriate link for the version of the program you have.


  1. Make sure that you follow the instructions exactly, and as given for "Google Apps users." When noted, replace '' with your actual domain name.
  2. If you select Gmail or Google as the account type, you should not need to add incoming or outgoing server information.
  3. You?MUST?enable IMAP or POP as detailed in the instructions.
  4. If you are moving from the old CHCS server, you should add a new account in your program's settings rather than trying to edit the old one.

Click below for detailed instructions, or go to the?Google Apps Help Center. Make sure to click the option "View instructions for Google Apps mail addresses" if displayed.