CHCS Internet Development


Content Management

Change it Yourself!

Update your site anytime with CHCS' content management system . . . it's simple.

Log In

Log into the secure, password-protected administration area.

Edit Pages

You'll be able to edit existing pages using a simple, Word-like interface.

Make Changes

Changing the text is very simple. You'll be able to specify formatting, and the system will make sure it matches the design of the site.

Add Links

You'll be able to add links to other areas of your site, or to other sites.

Add Pictures

Images may be added, and you'll be able to specify where on the page you want them to display.

Add Pages, Links and Documents

CHCS can set up a "section management" system where you can add new pages to your site. Links to the pages you create will be displayed on the page of your choice.

The Details Are Up to You

You'll be able to create new pages, links to external sites, or links to downloadable documents like PDFs.

Describe the Links You Make

You'll be able to specify titles and summaries, as well as the main content of pages you create.

Add Authorized Users

You may even set up accounts so that other authorized users can update your site.

you're done!

When you save your changes, they are automatically posted to your web site. If you'd like this system on your site, contact CHCS.